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‘Like’ anything on facebook, you have given a penny for your thoughts

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The worst thing that has happened to me as a writer was getting published.  I’ve become a little vain.  I am a firm believer that vanity kills artistic ability.  But in this hyper-linked, hyper-stimulated, hyper-mediated society it seems that art itself is vanity.  A perfect example is the facebook “like” button.  I straight up asked my friends to “like” my article.  I even added “literally” for clarification.  It wasn’t trying get gratification that I had written something good.  I wanted to see the numbers.  I have never been so concerned with money in my life until yesterday.  A penny for your thoughts.  Or more like 1.4 cents per like, a little more per subscription, more for being sponsored and so on and so forth.

Facebook has monetized individual’s lives.  The old idea that being popular is cool has been the basis of facebook’s success.  That’s why people are quick to “like” K$sha on facebook and less quick to ‘like’ something one of their “friends” has posted.  Out of 400 “friends” less than 20 claimed to publicly “like” my article.  My best friend said he had to read it first.  And I said, “you don’t have to read it, just like it.”  After hearing my self say that, I realize I had developed a problem.

I earned $ 0.43 cents from the hits on my site before I told anybody about it.  I have to admit this was really exiting.  After that I was on a mission to promote the shit out of an article that I wrote for my local library just for fun.  As all of you who know me, and even those of you who don’t, may know…I spend lots of time on my mac and iphone.   The only compensation I have ever  received for all this effort has been getting good grades in my media courses at NYU.  I guess I thought for a moment that all my hard work could finally pay off.

But I realized that it has payed off already. Writing by itself is the gratifying.  And that anyone should read my work at all is an honor.  I thank all you who actually read my work whether you liked it or not.

I will keep reading and writing.  If you have an appreciation for classic film and would like to read my thoughts on Notorious (1946) directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant, and Ingrid Bergman here is the link below.

Pinkartspeace to you all,



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April 13, 2011 at 2:03 am

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